Art exhibitions draw bigger crowds than Football games.

With around 11 million visitors a year, galleries are now more highly attended than Australia’s most popular spectator sport, Australian Rules Football, which had 10 million attendances as recorded by the ABS.

Spending on visual arts in Australia has increased by 26% since 2004

Households spend more on paintings, carvings and sculptures than computer games or tickets to sporting matches. Australian families spend almost $2.13 billion on things related to visual arts and craft each year.

Sales of artworks at auction in Australia reached $95 million in 2012, around five times the market in 1991.

Sales at art auctions have experienced steady growth since the 1980s – peaking at $175 million in 2007. Since 2007, total sales have fluctuated between $88 million and $115 million annually, which is strong considering the world went through the global financial crisis.

Nearly half of all Australians are creatively engaged with the arts.

Almost 8 million Australians are involved in creating art. In 2013, creative participation significantly increased to 48% from 41 percent in 2009. Visual arts and craft was still the most popular artform creatively engaged in and rose to 30 percent.

1 in 3 artists brings their creative skills to other industries.

Throsby and Zednik’s economic study of professional artists in Australia found that just over one-third of artists had at some time used their creative skills in industries outside the arts and most had done so on a paid basis.

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